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What is BJJ 'Monkey Jits'?

Simply put, Monkey Jits is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at its best.

While performance-based, its goal is to highlight playfulness, exuberance, and having a great time while learning about yourself and your body.

BJJ is more than martial arts, it's a lifestyle.

Training with the best

James Woodfield-Jones

There is no finer lineage of BJJ you can study under - James Woodfield Jones is the 2nd awarded BJJ BlackBelt from the world renowned creator of the Crazy Monkey Defense Program, Rodney King.

Rodney is a 3rd Degree BJJ BlackBelt under former Jiu-Jitsu world champion Rigan Machado, who in turn was taught by Carlos Gracie (one of the founders of BJJ).

While there are several places to train BJJ in WA, by far the most common complaint is the lack of structure & personal attention. James offers a world-class program that will take you through a step-by-step approach to learning BJJ.

"How I coach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn’t just about Self-Defense, competition or even physical fitness. It’s about personal development, confidence, discipline and respect. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a lifestyle and has the potential to change one’s life. I am fully committed to providing an extraordinary experience to each and every client with an emphasis on safety, Technical proficiency and developing a constructive and positive attitude."

James Woodfield-Jones

Martial Arts for the everyday 'Guy & Girl'

You will not find people in our program trying to show everyone how tough or good they are or getting off on dominating and beating people on the mat.

What you will find are amazing people who focus on developing somatic health, wellness, fitness, and self-defense skills. Just some of the benefits of Monkey Jits include:

  • Get in shape! You can manage your weight, be fit and strong
  • Rediscover your body's natural intelligence.
  • Develop focus, confidence, persistance, creativity & passion with an embodied process.
  • Reintegrate your body, mind and spirit
  • Learn to manage your stress more effectively through mindful movement practices